Siddhesh Lad

Role: Batsman
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Mumbai Indians

Top 3 stats of Siddhesh Lad from IPL 2015
In the IPL 2015 season, Siddhesh Lad played for the Mumbai Indians. Here are the top 3 stats for Siddhesh Lad from that season: 1. Batting Stats: - Matches Played: Siddhesh Lad played 3 matches in IPL 2015. - Runs Scored: He scored a total of 43 runs in those 3 matches. - Highest Score: His highest score in the season was 25 runs. 2. Bowling Stats: - Siddhesh Lad did not bowl in IPL 2015 or did not pick up any wickets. 3. Other Contributions: - Fielding: Siddhesh Lad also contributed to fielding during the IPL 2015 season, with catches or run-outs helping his team in crucial moments.