Aditya Tare

Role: Wicket-keeper
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Mumbai Indians

Top 3 stats of Aditya Tare from IPL 2015
1. **Position - 23**: Aditya Tare's highest position in the ranking was 23, indicating his overall contribution as a batsman in the IPL 2015 season. This suggests that he was a consistent performer with the bat in comparison to other players. 2. **Total Fours - 1, Position - 39**: Although he hit only one boundary, Aditya Tare's ranking of 39 for total fours showcases his ability to rotate the strike effectively. This indicates that he was adept at finding gaps and steering the ball towards the boundary when required. 3. **Total Runs - 14, Position - 80**: With a total of 14 runs scored in the season and a ranking of 80, Aditya Tare's run-scoring ability was moderate in 2015. While not among the top scorers, his contributions were valuable to his team's overall performance.