Manvinder Bisla

Role: Wicket-keeper
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Kolkata Knight Riders

Top 3 stats of Manvinder Bisla from IPL 2014
1. Match against Rajasthan Royals on April 29, 2014: - Batting: Bisla scored 3 runs in 9 balls with a batting average of 33.33. - Bowling: Bisla did not bowl in this match. 2. Unfortunately, there is no other specific match data available for Manvinder Bisla in IPL 2014, so we can only analyze his performance from the match mentioned above. 3. Overall in IPL 2014, based on the available data, Manvinder Bisla's performance was limited to the mentioned match against Rajasthan Royals where he scored 3 runs.