Jacob Oram

Role: All-rounder
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Mumbai Indians

Top 3 stats of Jacob Oram from IPL 2013
1. **Position 5 - Total Maiden Overs: 0** In IPL 2013, Jacob Oram did not bowl any maiden overs. This statistic reflects that he did not manage to deliver an over without conceding any runs. 2. **Position 24 - Total Wickets: 0** Jacob Oram did not take any wickets throughout IPL 2013. This indicates that he did not have a significant impact with the ball in terms of dismissing batsmen. 3. **Position 97 - Total Runs Conceded: 22** Among his bowling statistics, Jacob Oram conceded a total of 22 runs in the matches he played in IPL 2013, positioning him at number 97 in terms of runs conceded. This indicates his economy rate during the tournament.