Pradeep Sangwan

Role: Bowler
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Kolkata Knight Riders

Top 3 stats of Pradeep Sangwan from IPL 2012
The top 3 stats of Pradeep Sangwan from IPL 2012 are as follows: 1. Position 1 - Total Dots: Pradeep Sangwan bowled a total of 0 dot balls in the tournament. Dot balls are deliveries where the batsman fails to score any run. 2. Position 21 - Total Maiden Overs: Sangwan did not bowl any maiden overs throughout the tournament. A maiden over is an over in which the bowler prevents the batsman from scoring any run. 3. Position 89 - Total Wickets: Sangwan took a total of 1 wicket in IPL 2012. Wickets are a crucial measure of a bowler's success, as they indicate the number of times the bowler dismissed a batsman during the tournament.