Shadab Jakati

Role: Bowler
Batting Style:
Bowling Style:

Chennai Super Kings

Top 3 stats of Shadab Jakati from IPL 2010
1. **Maiden Overs:** Shadab Jakati had an impressive total of 2 maiden overs in IPL 2010, showcasing his skill in restricting runs and building pressure on the batsmen. This statistic highlights his ability to create opportunities for his team by bowling economically. 2. **Total wickets:** Jakati achieved a total of 13 wickets during the 2010 IPL season, indicating his effectiveness as a wicket-taking bowler for his team. His ability to consistently take wickets played a crucial role in disrupting opposition batting lineups and providing breakthroughs when needed. 3. **Total runs conceded:** Throughout the tournament, Jakati conceded a total of 291 runs. While this number may seem high, in the context of T20 cricket, his wicket-taking ability and economy rate need to be considered. This stat reflects the challenges faced by a bowler in containing runs in the fast-paced and aggressive game format of IPL matches.

Total Wickets
6 - Rp singh13
Best Bowling Figure
5 - Anil kumble0/40
5 - Shane warne0/42
5 - Vinay kumar0/35
5 - Justin kemp0/15
5 - Rp singh0/38
5 - Dale steyn0/38
Total Runs Conceded
15 - Amit mishra363
13 - Rp singh370
11 - Zaheer khan376